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HERSTORY - Kelsey Kirrene

Miss Collegiate USA Organization's recognition to women and the progress they've made!

Kelsey (Scott) Kirrene was our inaugural Miss California Collegiate USA in 2021 and earned a spot in the Miss Collegiate USA Elite 10. Kelsey holds a Masters of Science in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Mrs. Kirrene currently holds the title of Mrs. San Bernardino County USA Earth.

She has accomplished a number of achievements and highlights a few to include:

  • Sponsored the first ever Miss Collegiate USA STEAM Scholarship in 2022!

  • Helped build robots that swim underwater, software that secures cyberspace, and satellites that fly in outer space!

  • She was selected to be a presenter at a national engineering conference.

What's Next?

Kelsey plans to earn her doctorate in spring 2024 and celebrate her first wedding anniversary!

How has your participation in the Miss Collegiate USA Pageant impacted your professional and/or self growth?

"The $32,000 Marymount University scholarship has allowed me to earn my doctorate without taking on additional loans. Since I’m still paying off my undergraduate loans, this made my childhood dream of earning a doctorate possible!" - Kelsey Kirrene

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