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CrownWi$e Financial Literacy Program


About CrownWi$e

Miss Collegiate USA is also proud to present the exclusive financial literacy and wellness program, CrownWi$e.  CrownWise offers various webinar, mini- workshops, and in-person events to include a combination of college-readiness tips, financial literacy knowledge, networking opportunities, and resources to college-bound and current college students.  Members of the financial aid and scholarships community across the nation volunteer to partake in CrownWi$e specialty events throughout the year.

To attend a CrownWi$e session, visit our upcoming events links below.

To volunteer as a CrownWise speaker, email us at:

CrownWi$e Topics

CrownWi$e Financial Literacy Program offers events, presented by financial aid professionals include popular topics such as:

Financial Aid

An Introduction to Financial Aid

Understanding the Types of Financial Aid

Avoiding Scholarship Pitfalls

Student Loans

Types of Student Loans

Private Loans: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Financial Planning for the Future

Navigating the HR Process

Financially Fit

Budgeting For and After College

The Graduate Admissions Process: Tips from the Pros

Financial Factoid Fridays

Created by Miss Collegiate USA 2023, Jessica Hall

As a part of the Miss Collegiate USA Organization initiative to help students reduce student loan debt, Jessica Hall, Miss Collegiate USA 2023 chose to implement 'Financial Factoid Fridays' to highlight helpful tips for financial wellness.  Check out her monthly videos on YouTube and Instagram!

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Test Your Financial Aid Knowledge


Scholarships are an important goal to round out a financial aid package.  What is a recommended Scholarship Search?


Student Loans can be a necessary evil in the funding for higher education.  Of the loans discussed which is the best loan to process?


True/False: Direct Subsidized Loans accures interest while a student is enrolled in school.


Federal Grants are FREE money for college.  We discussed the Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG.  FSEOG stands for?


True/False: Parent PLUS loans are not based on a parent(s) credit worthiness, but based solely on the students cost of attendance needs.

Scholarship Resources

The search for scholarships can be a long and tiresome process.  Nevertheless, the results can be a game-changer in reducing or eliminating the total out-of pocket cost you have to pay for college.  

CrownWi$e is here to provide some helpful resources to get you on the right path of your scholarship journey!

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