Phases of Competition

What to Wear?

Interview: Dress, pants suit, or skirt set (no sundresses; something suitable for a job or college 

admission interview) and accompanied with suitable heels.



Delegates select their own swimsuit and will have their choice of a one or 2-pc swimsuit. Shoes: Heels (no flip flops).  


Evening Gown:
The gown should complement the delegate, be floor length and accessorized with suitable height heels. 

Academic & Professional Resume

State delegates will be asked to submit their academic transcript, report card (high school students) and/or a professional resume with their academic/career achievements.  This will be an opportunity for the judges to evaluate a delegate's achievements and career goals.

Note. This review may also be shared with scholarship donors, employers to determine recipients of special college awards.

15% of total score

Poise & Grace in Evening Gown

This competition is designed for the delegate to make an on-stage statement of her personality. The gown should compliment the contestant. She will be judged on confidence, elegance and stage presence, not on the specific price of the gown.

25% of total score


State delegates will have a personal interview with a panel of judges.  This is your opportunity to allow the judges to get to know you and convince them you are the best candidate for the job.  Questions will be formulated from the delegate's Fact Sheet, current events, community service, educational goals, and career ambition.

35% of total score

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimwear

This competition is designed to determine how well the participant maintains a figure that reflects good physical fitness and health. Delegates may choose to wear a one-piece or 2-pc swimsuit. No string or thong bikinis allowed.  Note.  Inappropriate swimsuits will not be allowed.   

25% of total score

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