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Required Phases of Competition

Personal Interview -35%

Delegates will have a 5 minute personal interview with a panel of judges.  This is their opportunity to allow the judges to get to know them and convince them that they are the best candidate for the job.  Questions will be formulated from the delegate's Judges' Interview Form, current events, community service, educational goals, and career ambition.  On-time submission of the Judges Interview Form. as well as neatness and completion of the form is important.  A nice dress or pantsuit appropriate for a TV host interview is recommended.  

The Scholarship Resume phase of competition provides an opportunity to promote themselves, whether a high school student or a young woman in her professional career. Using the Scholarship Resume, we encourage delegates to highlight her academic achievements, internship or career accomplishments, community involvement, future goals and more. This phase is worth 15% of the total score of the national competition and is intended to share the young woman’s intellect, passions, and special talents; as well as an opportunity to earn additional scholarships and special awards during Nationals Week.*

Scholarship Resume - 15%

This competition is designed to determine how well the participant maintains a figure that reflects good physical fitness and health. Delegates may choose to wear a one-piece or 2-pc swimsuit. No string or thong bikinis allowed.  Note.  Inappropriate swimsuits will not be allowed.

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimwear - 25%

This competition is designed for the delegate to make an on-stage statement of her personality. Select a prom or formal dress that is appropriate for your age and personality.  The color and style are your choice. The gown must be floor-length. You will be judged on confidence, elegance and stage presence, not on the specific price of the gown.

Poise in Evening Gown - 25%

*Optional: An academic transcript from a participant’s current or former higher education of learning (high school or college; undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate level) may be submitted, in addition to the required Scholarship Resume, to be considered for the optional Valedictorian Award, Academic Achievement Award, Excellence Award, and the S.T.E.A.M. Scholarship.  

ARE YOU A SOCIAL MEDIA GURU?  Sign up for the #MCUSocialMediaContest if you enjoy engaging your social media audience with images and content that builds awareness of the Miss Collegiate USA Organization.  A winner from each division will receive a special award.

Social Media Guru Award

MCU Sorority Award

This is an award determined by the MCU sisterhood. The delegate who exemplifies the friendliest, congenial and  outgoing personality will be awarded the MCU Sorority Award from their peers.

University Choice Award Competition

This optional competition allows the community to vote for their fan favorite! Be sure to invite your friends, family, school, college/university and supporters to Vote for You to win the people's choice with the Miss Collegiate USA University's  Choice Award. 

The highest number of votes from the internet’s University Choice Award contest will be selected as the award winner and will receive a cash scholarship of 50% of the proceeds received.

This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action. Recipients of this honor will receive the official President’s Volunteer Service Award pin, coin, or medallion and a personalized certificate of achievement and letter signed by the U.S. President.

President's Volunteer Service Award

Optional Competitions

The delegate with the highest achievements in academics from each age division will win the MCU Academic Achievement Award. This award will include a cash scholarship.

Academic Achievement Award

Fashion Show Competition

Project your own personal sense of style in the new Fashion Show optional competition. Model your favorite fun fashion wear. Choose a cocktail dress, stylish high-low, fashionable romper, pants wear or gown. Your look should be fun and high-fashion attire.  Competition will be held on a T-shaped stage and resemble a professional runway fashion show. Judging will be based on stage presentation, confidence, and stylish choice of attire.

Media Correspondent Competition

This competition is designed for delegates who aspire to be a public influencer or perhaps a news anchor to make an impact highlighting her personality. Pitch your personal style by making a video reciting a 60-second clip promoting the MCU Pageant System. Judging will be based on uniqueness, personality and delivery of video clip. The winner will be highlighted on Miss Collegiate USA social media and website.

A winner from each division will be selected as Miss Photogenic by a special panel of judges.  Judges will be looking for a captivating photo. Headshot photo submissions may be in black/white or color (8x10, no larger); and does not include crowns and/or sashes in photos. Photos will ONLY be accepted at Orientation Check-In. The winner in each age division will receive a cash scholarship.

Miss Photogenic Award

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