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HERSTORY - Kayla Allison

Miss Collegiate USA Organization's recognition to women and the progress they've made!

Kayla Allison was our inaugural Miss North Carolina Collegiate USA in 2021 and is currently pursuing her third degree in Human Resource Management and Accounting, and will graduate in May of 2023!

She has accomplished the following achievements and highlights a few to include:

  • She started her own photography business a little over 2 years ago. Now, 2 years later and her business is bigger and more successful than she ever could have imagined!

  • Completing her third academic degree the spring, along with balancing a full-time job and her photography business.

What's Next?

Once Kayla graduates in May, she would like to obtain her real estate license while continuing to expand her photography business.

How has your participation in the Miss Collegiate USA Pageant impacted your professional and/or self growth?

"MCU was hands down one of the best pageant systems I have ever been a part of. Everyone in this organization had such a positive impact on all the beautiful women they have come across." - Kayla Allison

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