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Katherine Brown


Addiction, Anxiety, Depression

About the Practitioner

Hello and welcome! Understanding that life is chaotic and everyone has their own experiences, I like to provide a positive space for people to unload and work through their stress in an open, accepting environment. In our sessions, there won’t be judgment about what concerns you’re bringing, instead I offer a safe conversation to support your wellness. I use collaborative approach to explore your day-to-day thoughts and feelings. Through these conversations, I want to help you develop the knowledge and skills for coping with life events.

The past few years I have been focusing on the area of addiction. I can guide those who may be actively addicted or are struggling with the path of sobriety. As addiction impacts close friends and family, I can provide a space for those looking to support someone with substance abuse, as well.
There is no stress too small or too large, and I want to help you find your own personal way of coping. Are you feeling overwhelmed, angry, anxious, or depressed? Are you having difficulty keeping up with our constantly changing world? Do you have a challenging relationship with your partner or family? I’d love to help you, so please give me a call!



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