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HERSTORY - Zuwena Easterling

Miss Collegiate USA Organization's recognition to women and the progress they've made!

Zuwena Easterling was our inaugural Miss Louisiana Collegiate USA in 2021 and placed Top 10 at the National Pageant. Zuwena holds a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisiana at Monroe!

Zuwena currently holds the title of Miss Louisiana All-Star United States 2023.

  • Recently, she landed her dream job working at a Fortune 500 company!

What's Next?

She aims to receive a work promotion in her field, moving to another state, and capture a national pageant title.

How has your participation in the Miss Collegiate USA Pageant impacted your professional and/or self growth?

"Participating in the Miss Collegiate USA Pageant has boosted my confidence in a way that I'm now able to unapologetically advocate for the causes that I'm passionate about, dream bigger dreams, and be an inspiration to those around me. The experience taught me to take life head on and be fearless in all my endeavors." - Zuwena Easterling

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