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Financially Fit


March 28, 2023 at 10:30:00 PM


30 min

About the Course

Join a session from Dr. Tisa Silver Canady, founder of Silver Canady & Associates and former higher education professional who has to date canceled over $1.5 million in existing loan debt for college students. Learn tips on how to create a financially healthy future during & after graduation.

Your Instructor

Tisa Silver Canady

Tisa is the founder and managing director of Silver Canady & Associates, LLC, an educational research and consulting firm based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In 2021, she founded the Maryland Center for Collegiate Financial Wellness (MCCFW). The Center fosters a continuum of campus-based financial wellness programming and supports that build financial life skills and empower students to thrive.

Tisa is on a mission to increase financial education around student loan borrowing. A double graduate of the University of Delaware, she earned a doctorate in higher education administration/community college leadership from Morgan State University.

Tisa Silver Canady
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