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Top 5 National Pageant in the Nation!

Miss Collegiate USA  2024.png

Kelsey Kirrene, Ed.D.

Miss California Collegiate USA 2021

"My doctoral journey has been capped by pageant achievements and personal milestones, and was all possible thanks to my Miss Collegiate USA scholarship.
Miss Collegiate USA, making academic dreams a reality.”

Brianna Anderson

Miss Illinois High School USA 2022

"[MCU Family] Thank you so much for making this week so special! Seeing everyone's smiling faces made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of this organization!  With thanks and love."

Rebecca Beavers

Miss Maryland Collegiate USA 2024

"I had an amazing time competing while representing the state of Maryland!! I will definitely be coming back!!!"

Bailey McCall

Miss Colorado Collegiate USA 2022

"I'm so happy with this pageant experience! I met the most AMAZING group of women and got to practice competing after a 4-year hiatus.  Thank you so much to everyone at Miss Collegiate USA for this experience. Miss Keia puts so much effort into her passion and is an amazing director."

Madeline Worcester

Miss Indiana Collegiate USA 2021

"I love this sash that was created by Miss Collegiate USA and love every detail! It is an honor wearing this all the time and never want it to end."
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