2023 National Pageant

Greenville Theatre

Greenville, South Carolina

Nationals Week:  July 4-9, 2023


Photo credit: Meagan Gilbert Photography

The Miss Collegiate USA Organization is focused on affording young women professional and educational resources and scholarships for their future investments.  Beyond the pageantry, the sisterhood of MCU awards young women career & college readiness skills and financial literacy education.  We are proud to award cash, prizes, and scholarships to participants of our non-profit organization.  Our organization's mission is to reduce and eradicate student loan debt for all. 

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2022National Pageant


Miss Collegiate USA Court (L-R): 3rd Runner-Up: Bailey McCall (CO-C), 1st Runner-Up: Errin Pitts (GA-C), Hailey Hudson (Miss Collegiate USA 2022- NC)2nd Runner-Up: Kimberly Barr (MO-C), and 4th Runner-Up: Amina Mbow (DC-C).

Miss High School USA Court (L-R): 1st Runner-Up:Madalyn Ruth (EC-HS), Kayce Taylor (Miss High School USA 2022 - FL), and 2nd Runner-Up: Brianna Anderson (IL-HS).

Kayce Winning Pose.jpg

Kayce Taylor (FL)- Miss High School USA 2022

1st Runner-Up: Madalyn Ruth (East Coast)

2nd Runner-Up: Brianna Anderson (Illinois)

Hailey Crowning.JPG

Hailey Hudson (NC)- Miss Collegiate USA 2022

1st Runner-Up: Errin Pitts (Georgia) 

2nd Runner-Up: Kimberly Barr (Missouri)

3rd Runner-Up: Bailey McCall (Colorado)

4th Runner-Up: Amina Mbow (District of Columbia)

2022 Special Awards

Miss Collegiate USA Division

2022 MCU Valedictorian Award &

Academic Achievement Award Winner


Hailey Hudson (NC)

Interview Winner

Hailey Hudson (NC)

Miss Photogenic

Hailey Hudson (NC)

Photogenic Runner-Up

Amina Mbow (DC)

Social Media Award

Kimberly Barr (MO)

Miss Sorority Award

Laura Donohue (MA)

University Choice Award

Errin Pitts (GA)

Miss High School USA Division

2022 MCU Valedictorian Award &

Academic Achievement Award Winner


Brianna Anderson (IL)

Interview Winner

Kayce Taylor (FL)

Miss Photogenic


Kayce Taylor (FL)

Photogenic Runner-Up

Madalyn Ruth (VA)

Miss Sorority Award


Madalyn Ruth (East Coast)

University Choice Award

Madalyn Ruth (East Coast)


MCU Cares Award

Andrew Harvey (Board of Directors)

MCU Volunteer Award

Turia Cook (Board of Directors)