sisterhood  referral program*


We are more than a pageant, we are a sorority of sisterhood & scholars!

about the program

As a measure to strengthen and expand the sisterhood of Miss Collegiate USA, the MCU Sisterhood Referral Program incentivizes finalists and delegates by referring new participants to compete in their state or national pageant. Participants will earn exclusive MCU gifts and special cash awards.

how it works



Refer unlimited family, friends or former pageant sisters by submitting the

Online Referral Form.


Once a Referral has registered and submitted their full pageant sponsorship fee, you will be notified that you have earned a Referral Point.


Redeem your Referral Point and select FREE

MCU Swag!



State Contestants (finalists) 

Refer 1 = Earn Photogenic Entry

Refer 2 = MCU Rhinestone Crossbody by Marc Defang

Refer 3 or more =  $50 Cash Scholarship

National Contestants (delegates) 

Refer 1 = MCU Rhinestone Jacket by Crown Couture Collection

Refer 2 = Exclusive signature MCU Rhinestone Backpack

             - or - MCU Rhinestone Clutch by Marc Defang

Refer 3 or more =  $100 Cash Scholarship

MCU swag

The more referrals who sign up for a Miss Collegiate USA state pageant or nationals, the more you earn!


submit referrals


*Refer new State Finalists or Delegates and begin earning Miss Collegiate USA exclusive swags and cash scholarships. You must be a Miss Collegiate USA contestant or officially affliated with the organization for the current pageant season to participate in the Sisterhood Referral Program. Participating contestants must have successfully submitted their pageant sponsorship fee paid in full before receiving any rewards from the referral program. Awards will be presented during the participants' state or national pageant week.