Why E-mail Addresses Are Important!

The significance of a professional e-mail address...

The Negative Impacts of your E-mail Address and Scholarship Eligibility

Ever wonder why you never heard back on an application for admission or scholarship consideration? There may be some significant reasons you created in which caused the lack of follow-up. Here are some factors:

I. Unprofessional E-Mail Address

Did you know donors and application readers may be able to view your full application, including your e-mail address? Therefore, it's ideal you not use your xoxobaby3000@Xmail.com or ilovevideogamesALLday@m.mail.com to apply for admission or scholarship funds. While e-addresses may not be a scholarship review criteria for most committee members (if any), it may negatively separate you apart from another candidate who uses a more professional account.

Actions to Take >>>

1. Create a professional e-mail account specifically for your college journey using a free online service (i.e. Gmail, yahoo).

2. Use a simply format, such as: First & Last Name @______.com

II. Unmonitored Accounts

Having an unprofessional email account is almost just as bad as not checking your e-mail accounts at all. Some review committees will only use e-mail as a means of communication to set-up admit/scholarship interviews or confirm your eligibility. If you are not monitoring your accounts frequently, you may lose out on opportunities and miss important deadlines.

Actions to Take >>>

1. Log into your professional account at least once a week

2. Add an auto-reply response to your e-mail account if you plan to be out for a period of time or on vacation! This helps to notify senders you are temporarily unavailable but will tend to their e-mail upon your return.

III. School & Work E-mail Accounts

Using work or your public/private secondary education e-mail address poses problems for many different reasons. One, you may separate from the employer for any reason and no longer have access to the login of the account. Two, many secondary education security firewalls restricts external e-mails to be received from third parties to the student.

Actions to Take >>>

1. Revisit Factor I. It is best to utilize a personal, professional e-mail account that you will always have permission to access.

2. Do not use high school or work e-mail addresses when applying for admissions or scholarship opportunities.

Written by MCU National Director based on her experiences in Higher Education Enrollment Management, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Admission Recruitment.

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